§3-1-29. Boards of election officials; definitions, composition of boards, determination of number and type.

(a) For the purpose of this article:

(1) The term "standard receiving board" means those election officials charged with conducting the process of voting within a precinct and consists of no less than five persons, to be comprised as follows:

(A) Each precinct shall have at least one team of poll clerks, one team of election commissioners for the ballot box and one additional election commissioner.

(B) At the discretion of the county clerk and county commission, any county may add additional teams of poll clerks and commissioners to any precinct, as necessary to fairly and efficiently conduct an election;

(2) The term "counting board" means those election officials charged with counting the ballots at the precinct in counties using paper ballots and includes one team of poll clerks, one team of election commissioners and one additional commissioner;

(3) The term "team of poll clerks" or "team of election commissioners" means two persons appointed by opposite political parties to perform the specific functions of the office: Provided, That no team of poll clerks or team of election commissioners may consist of two persons with the same registered political party affiliation or two persons registered with no political party affiliation; and

(4) The term "election official trainee" means an individual who is sixteen or seventeen years of age who meets the requirements of subdivisions (2), (3), (4), (5) and (6), subsection (a), section twenty-eight of this article.

(b) For each primary and general election in the county, the county commission shall designate the number and type of election boards for the various precincts according to the provisions of this section. At least eighty-four days before each primary and general election the county commission shall notify the county executive committees of the two major political parties in writing of the number of nominations which may be made for poll clerks and election commissioners.

(c) For each municipal election held at a time when there is no county or state election:

(1) The governing body of the municipality shall perform the duties of the county commission as provided in this section; and

(2) The standard receiving board may, at the discretion of the official charged with the administration of election, consist of as few as four persons, including one team of poll clerks and one team of election commissioners for the ballot box.