§3-1-32. Opening and closing polls; procedure.

At the time of opening the polls in all precincts wherein voting machines are not to be used, the election commissioners shall examine the ballot box and ascertain that there are no ballots in the same, and they shall thereupon securely lock the box and give one key to one of the commissioners and one to a commissioner of the opposite political party, who shall hold the same, and such boxes shall not be again opened until the time to begin counting the votes arrives and for that purpose. At or before opening the polls, the commissioners of election shall open the package containing the ballots in such manner as to preserve the seals intact and thereupon deliver all of the ballots to the poll clerk. Before any voter is permitted to vote, the commissioners of election shall proclaim that such election is opened. When the polls are closed, proclamation must be made of the fact by one of the commissioners of election to the people outside, in a loud and audible tone of voice, and a minute of such proclamation and of the time when it was made must be entered on the pollbooks by the clerks. The election commissioner shall permit those electors to vote who are present at the polling place prior to the hour specified for the closing of the polls: Provided, That at that time they are in a line awaiting their turn to vote within the voting room itself or, if the line extends outside of the voting room itself, within that line. In that event an election commissioner from each party shall immediately after the closing proclamation begin with the last voter in line and together supply the voters within the line with waiting-voter permits which shall be prescribed by the Secretary of State. Each voter shall sign his permit in the presence of both commissioners who shall then likewise affix their signatures to the permit in the presence of the voter and each other. After each such voter in line has received and signed his permit and the election commissioners have affixed their signatures thereto, voting shall be resumed. Each voter shall present his permit to one of the poll clerks so that the signature thereon may be compared to the voter's signature when he signs the pollbook. Each permit so presented shall be attached to the page in the pollbook on which the voter affixed his signature. In no case shall any person who arrives at the polling place after the closing hour be given a waiting-voter permit or be allowed to vote. After the final voter presents his waiting-voter permit and casts his ballot no more ballots shall be cast or received.

Bill History For §3-1-32

1978 Regular Session
House Bill 936