§3-1B-2. Definitions.

For purposes of this article:

(a) "Campaign advertising or communication" means a communication authorized by a candidate or a candidate's committee for the purpose of advocating the nomination, election or defeat of a candidate;

(b) "Candidate for public office" means an individual who has filed a precandidacy statement pursuant to the provisions of section five-e, article eight of this chapter, has qualified to have his or her name listed on the ballot of any election, or who has declared his or her intention to seek nomination or election through a petition or write-in procedure for any state, regional, county, municipal or district office which is to be filled at an election;

(c) "Code" means the code of fair campaign practices as set forth in this article;

(d) "Commission" means the state election commission created pursuant to the provisions of article one-a of this chapter; and

(e) "Political committee" means all of those persons and entities required to keep accounts and file financial statements pursuant to the provisions of section five, article eight of this chapter.

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