§3-2-8. Registration outreach services by the clerk of the county commission; challenge of voter's registration.

(a) Registration outreach services, including application for registration, change of address, name or party affiliation and correction or cancellation of registration, may be provided at locations outside the office of said clerk of the county commission by the clerk, one or more of his or her deputy clerks, or by temporary registrars or volunteer registrars appointed in accordance with the provisions of section nine of this article.

(b) (1) The clerk of the county commission may establish temporary registration offices to provide voter registration services to residents of the county. The clerk shall file a list of the scheduled times and locations of any temporary registration offices with the county commission at least fourteen days prior to opening the temporary office and shall solicit public service advertising of the location and times for any temporary registration office on radio, television and newspapers serving that county.

(2) The clerk of the county commission shall establish an approved program of voter registration services for eligible high school students at each high school within the county and shall conduct that program of voter registration at an appropriate time during each school year, but no later than forty-five days before a statewide primary election held during a school year. The Secretary of State shall issue guidelines for approval of programs of voter registration for eligible students, and all such programs shall include opportunities for students to register in person and present identification at the high school where the student is enrolled. Official school records shall be accepted as identification and proof of age for eligible students.

(c) When the boundaries of precincts are altered requiring the transfer of a portion of the voters of one precinct to another precinct, the clerk of the county commission or temporary registrars appointed for the purpose may conduct door-to-door registration services in the areas affected by the boundary changes and may register, alter or transfer the registration of voters found to reside in those areas. Upon a determination that a voter who previously registered in the area canvassed no longer resides at that address, except for those persons who are qualified to maintain a legal residence at the address, the clerk of the county commission shall challenge the registration of the voter in accordance with the provisions of section twenty-eight of this article.

(d) The procedures required upon receipt of an application for registration as prescribed in subsection (b), section seven of this article shall also be performed by the authorized persons conducting the registration outreach services.

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1974 Regular Session
House Bill 1081
1966 Regular Session
Senate Bill 8
1963 Regular Session
Senate Bill 2
1941 Regular Session
House Bill 206