§3-4A-18. Disrepair of vote recording devices in use; reserve vote recording devices.

If, during the conduct of an election, a vote recording device becomes in a state of disrepair so that it cannot be operated in a manner that will comply with the provisions of this article, the election commissioners shall seal the device in such manner as to prevent further voting thereon. Then the election commissioners shall secure from the county clerk a reserve vote recording device, which shall be prepared, inspected and delivered to the polling place wherein the seal shall be broken and such device opened in the presence of the precinct election commissioners who shall certify in writing signed by them to the clerk of the county commission, that the reserve vote recording device was found to be sealed upon delivery to the polling place, that the seal was broken and the device opened in their presence at the polling place. The commissioners shall proceed to conduct the election.

Bill History For §3-4A-18

1982 Regular Session
Senate Bill 313
1969 Regular Session
House Bill 513