§3-4A-24. Voting by challenged voter.

Except for electronic voting systems using screens on which votes may be recorded by means of a stylus or by means of touch, if the right of any person to vote be challenged in accordance with the provisions of article one of this chapter, relating to the challenging of voters, and a vote recording device or ballot is used that tabulates the vote as an individual vote, the person is to be permitted to cast his or her vote by use of the vote recording device or ballot, as may be appropriate. He or she is to be provided with a challenged ballot and ballot envelopes for the insertion of the ballot after voting. There is to be an inner envelope marked with the precinct number for the challenged ballot. There is also to be another envelope for the inner envelope and the challenged voter stub, which envelope provides a place for the challenged voter to affix his or her signature on the seal of the outer envelope.

After the county commission, as prescribed in article one of this chapter, has determined that the challenges are unfounded, the commissioners shall remove the outer envelopes. Without opening the inner envelope, the commissioners shall shuffle and intermingle the inner envelopes. The commissioners shall then open the inner envelopes, remove the ballots and add the votes to the previously counted totals.

Bill History For §3-4A-24

1990 Regular Session
House Bill 4770
1982 Regular Session
Senate Bill 313
1981 Regular Session
Senate Bill 343
1969 Regular Session
House Bill 513