§3-6-4. Late nominations; stickers.

If a nomination to fill a vacancy is made by a political party executive committee or, on its failure to so act within the time prescribed by law, is made by the chairman of the committee, and certified to the clerk of the county commission after the ballots to be used at the ensuing election shall have been printed, the clerk shall forthwith lay such certificates before the ballot commissioners who, without delay, shall prepare, or cause to be prepared, and deliver, or cause to be delivered, to the election commissioners of each precinct in which the candidate is to be voted for, a number of stickers, containing only the name of the candidate, at least equal to the total number of ballots provided for the precinct; but no such stickers shall be furnished to or received by any person except a commissioner of election. It is the duty of the commissioners holding the election to deliver such stickers to the poll clerks, who shall, in the presence of the election commissioners, affix one of the stickers in a careful manner at the proper place for the name of the candidate, upon each ballot to be voted at the election, before the poll clerks sign their names on the ballots. The stickers may be delivered to the election officers, by the clerk of the county commission, with the ballots, poll books and other supplies.

Bill History For §3-6-4

1963 Regular Session
Senate Bill 2