§3-6-7. Ballot irregularities; procedures.

If two or more ballots are found folded or rolled together and the names voted for thereon be the same, one of them only shall be counted; but if the names voted for thereon be different, in any particular, neither of them shall be counted except as hereinbefore provided; and in either case, the commissioners of election shall, in writing in ink, place a common number on the ballots and state thereon that they were folded or rolled together when voted. If any ballot be found to contain more than the proper number of names for any office, the ballot shall not be counted as to the office. In any election for state senator, if a person is voted for on any ballot who is not a resident of the proper county, as required by section four, article VI of the Constitution, the ballot shall not be counted for the office. Any ballot or part of a ballot from which it is impossible to determine the elector's choice of candidates shall not be counted as to the candidates affected thereby.

Bills Affecting §3-6-7

2021 Regular Session: HB2814
2021 Regular Session: SB561
2003 Regular Session: HB2679
2003 Regular Session: SB648