§3-7-1. Contests for state offices and judgeships; procedure.

If the election of Governor, Secretary of State, treasurer, Auditor, Attorney General, commissioner of agriculture, a judge of the Supreme Court of Appeals or a judge of a circuit court, is contested, the contestant shall give notice, with specifications and affidavit, to the person whose election is contested within ten days after the election is certified and within ten days thereafter the return notice shall be given to the contestant. The parties shall finish taking depositions within forty days after the notice is delivered. The depositions shall be transmitted to the Clerk of the House of Delegates, to be delivered by him or her to the joint committee or special court hereinafter provided for. In other respects the regulations contained in this article respecting contests for a seat in the Legislature shall be observed, so far as they are applicable.

Bill History For §3-7-1

1931 Regular Session
House Bill 1