§30-21-7d. Eligibility for current school psychologist.

(1) Any person who holds a current certificate of advanced study and has the equivalent of three academic years experience in school psychology or any licensed psychologist who has been approved by the state Department of Education on the effective date of this section shall not be required to comply with the provisions of section seven-b, article twenty-one, chapter thirty of this code. Such persons shall submit appropriate documentation of credentials to the board, application form, and pay an application fee: Provided, That such applicants pass an oral exam given by the board of psychology.

(2) Such persons seeking eligibility as a licensed school psychologist independent practitioner must meet the provisions of section seven-b of this article, must have completed the equivalency of two years supervised experience and shall complete an oral examination before the board, submit required documentation, pay appropriate fees and complete additional supervision and training requirements as determined by the board. Applicants seeking eligibility pursuant to this section must make application on or before July 1, 1992.