§30-3-11a. Endorsement of licenses to practice medicine and surgery as medical school faculty.

(a) The board shall issue a limited license to practice medicine and surgery without examination to an individual appointed to a West Virginia medical school faculty who holds a valid license to practice medicine and surgery from another state, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Canada or other country the board determines has substantially equivalent requirements for licensure as those jurisdictions, and who has completed the application form prescribed by the board, remitted a nonrefundable application fee in the amount of $150 and who presents satisfactory proof to the board that:

(1) He or she is of good moral and professional character;

(2) He or she is physically and mentally capable of engaging in the practice of medicine and surgery;

(3) He or she is able to communicate in English;

(4) He or she is a graduate of a school of medicine which is approved by the liaison committee on medical education or by the World Health Organization or by the board with the degree of doctor of medicine or its equivalent;

(5) He or she has successfully completed one year of approved graduate clinical training or a fellowship of at least one year, or has received training which the board determines to be equivalent to or exceeds the one year graduate clinical training or fellowship requirement;

(6) He or she has not committed any act in this or any other jurisdiction which would constitute the basis for disciplining a physician under section fourteen of this article; and

(7) He or she has been offered and has accepted a faculty appointment to teach in a medical school in this state.

(b) The board shall investigate the applicant and may request a personal interview to review the applicant's qualifications and professional credentials.

(c) The medical practice of a physician licensed under this section is limited to the medical center of the medical school to which the physician has been appointed to the faculty.

(d) A limited license issued under this section is valid for a term of one year. No limited license issued pursuant to this section may be renewed.

(e) Before the limited license has expired, a physician licensed under this section may apply for a license to practice medicine and surgery in West Virginia pursuant to the provisions of section twelve of this article: Provided, That any license granted by the board pursuant to this subsection, retains the practice limitations set out in subsection (c) of this section.

(f) Any license issued under this section will automatically expire and be void, without notice to the physician, when the physician's faculty appointment is terminated. The dean of the medical school shall notify the board within five days of the termination of a faculty appointment of a physician licensed pursuant to this section.

(g) A physician licensed under this section must keep all medical licenses issued by other jurisdictions in good standing and must notify the board, within fifteen days of its occurrence, of any denial, suspension or revocation of or any limitation placed on a medical license issued by another jurisdiction.