§30-37-8. Enforcement.

(a) The board has the power and authority to enter into any court of this state having proper jurisdiction to seek an injunction against any person, corporation or association not in compliance with the provisions of this article, and is further empowered to enter into any court to enforce the provisions of this article to ensure compliance with such provisions.

(b) The board may suspend, revoke, or impose probationary conditions upon a license or impose disciplinary sanctions upon a licensee pursuant to rules adopted in accordance with this article concerning board requirements for licensure. The following are grounds for revocation, suspension, annulment or the imposition of other disciplinary sanctions when a person, corporation or association is:

(1) Guilty of fraud in practice of massage, or fraud or deceit in the licensee's application for licensure;

(2) Engaged in practice under a false or assumed name, or impersonating another practitioner of a like or different name;

(3) Addicted to the habitual use of drugs, alcohol or stimulants to an extent as to incapacitate that person's performance of professional duties;

(4) Guilty of fraudulent, false, misleading or deceptive advertising, or for prescribing medicines or drugs, or practicing or offering to practice any licensed profession without legal authority. The licensee may not diagnose, or imply or advertise in any way a service for a condition that would require diagnosis;

(5) Practicing or offering to practice beyond the scope of licensure of massage therapy without legal authority;

(6) Grossly negligent in the practice of massage or guilty of employing, allowing or permitting an unlicensed person to perform massage in the licensee's work site;

(7) Practicing massage or bodywork with a license from another state or jurisdiction that has been canceled, revoked, suspended or otherwise restricted;

(8) Incapacitated by a physical or mental disability which is determined by a physician to render further practice by the licensee inconsistent with competency and ethics requirements;

(9) Convicted of sexual misconduct, assignation or the solicitation or attempt thereof;

(10) Engaging in any act of sexual abuse, sexual misconduct or sexual exploitation related to the licensee's practice of massage therapy;

(11) Obtaining any fee by fraud, deceit or misrepresentation; or

(12) In violation of any of the provisions of this article or any substantive rule adopted under the authority of this article.