§30-3E-18. Health care facility reporting requirements.

(a) A health care facility shall report, in writing, to the appropriate licensing board within sixty days after the completion of the facility's formal disciplinary procedure or after the commencement and conclusion of any resulting legal action against a licensee.

(b) The report shall include:

(1) The name of the physician assistant practicing in the facility whose privileges at the facility have been revoked, restricted, reduced or terminated for any cause including resignation;

(2) All pertinent information relating to the action; and

(3) The formal disciplinary action taken against the physician assistant by the facility relating to professional ethics, medical incompetence, medical malpractice, moral turpitude or drug or alcohol abuse.

(c) A health care facility does not need to report temporary suspensions for failure to maintain records on a timely basis or for failure to attend staff or section meetings.

§30-3E-18. Health care facility reporting requirements.

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