§30-4-11. Scope of practice for a dental hygienist.

The practice of dental hygiene includes the following:

(1) Perform a complete prophylaxis, including the removal of any deposit, accretion or stain from supra and subgingival, the surface of a tooth or a restoration;

(2) Apply a medicinal agent to a tooth for a prophylactic purpose;

(3) Take a radiograph for interpretation by a dentist;

(4) Instruct a patient on proper oral hygiene practice;

(5) Place sealants on a patient's teeth without a prior examination by a licensed dentist: Provided, That for this subdivision, the dental hygienist has a public health practice permit issued by the board, and subject to a collaborative agreement with a supervising dentist and the patient is referred for a dental examination within six months of sealant application;

(6) Perform all delegated procedures of a dental hygienist specified by rule by the board; and

(7) Performing all delegated procedures of a dental assistant specified by rule by the board.

Bill History For §30-4-11

1986 Regular Session
Senate Bill 468
1955 Regular Session
Senate Bill 154