§30-4-7. Fees; special revenue account; administrative fines.

(a) All fees and other moneys, except administrative fines, received by the board shall be deposited in a separate special revenue fund in the State Treasury designated the Board of Dentists and Dental Hygienist Special Fund, which is continued and shall be known as the Board of Dentistry Special Fund. The fund is used by the board for the administration of this article. Except as may be provided in article one of this chapter, the board retains the amount in the special revenue account from year to year. No compensation or expense incurred under this article is a charge against the General Revenue Fund.

(b) Any amounts received as administrative fines imposed pursuant to this article shall be deposited into the general revenue fund of the State Treasury.

§30-4-7. Fees; special revenue account; administrative fines.

Bill History For §30-4-7

1969 Regular Session
Senate Bill 204
1955 Regular Session
Senate Bill 154