§30-7-15c. Form of prescriptions; termination of authority; renewal; notification of termination of authority.

(a) Prescriptions authorized by an advanced practice registered nurse must comply with all applicable state and federal laws; must be signed by the prescriber with the initials "A.P.R.N." or the designated certification title of the prescriber; and must include the prescriber's identification number assigned by the board or the prescriber's national provider identifier assigned by the National Provider System pursuant to 45 C. F. R. §162.408.

(b) Prescriptive authorization shall be terminated if the advanced practice registered nurse has:

(1) Not maintained current authorization as an advanced practice registered nurse; or

(2) Prescribed outside the advanced practice registered nurse's scope of practice or has prescribed drugs for other than therapeutic purposes; or

(3) Has not filed verification of a collaborative agreement with the board if such an agreement is required.

(c) Prescriptive authority for an advanced practice registered nurse must be renewed biennially. Documentation of eight contact hours of pharmacology during the previous two years must be submitted at the time of renewal.

(d) The board shall notify the Board of Pharmacy within twenty-four hours after termination of, or change in, an advanced practice registered nurse's prescriptive authority.