§31G-1-1. Legislative findings and purpose.

The Legislature finds as follows:

(1) That it is a primary goal of the Governor, the Legislature and the citizens of this state, by the year 2020, to make every municipality, community, and rural area in this state, border to border, accessible to Internet communications through the expansion, extension and general availability of broadband services and technology.

(2) That although broadband access has been extended to many of West Virginia’s cities, towns, and other concentrated population areas, some areas of the state, mostly rural, remain unserved.

(3) That the issues which have hindered the provision of broadband access to rural areas of the state especially disadvantage the elderly and low-income households.

(4) That fair and equitable access to twenty-first century technology is essential to maximize the functionality of educational resources and educational facilities that enable our children to receive the best of future teaching and learning is essential to the future development of this state. A quality educational system of the twenty-first century should have access to the best technology tools and processes. Administrators should have the electronic resources to monitor student performance, to manage data, and to communicate effectively. In the classroom, every teacher in every school should be provided with online access to and the ability to deliver the best available educational technology resources to the students of West Virginia. Schools of the twenty-first century require facilities that accommodate changing technologies.

(5) Accordingly, it is the purpose of the Legislature to provide for the development of policies, plans, processes and procedures to be employed and dedicated to extending broadband access to West Virginians, and to their families, by removing restraint on the development of those services and for encouraging and facilitating the construction of the necessary infrastructure to meet their needs and demands.

§31G-1-1. Legislative findings and purpose.

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