§38-7-8. Taking possession of personal property; plaintiff's bond.

If the plaintiff shall, at the time of suing out an attachment, or afterwards, give bond with good security, approved by the clerk issuing the attachment, in a penalty of at least double the estimated value of the property to be attached, as shown by the affidavit of the plaintiff or some reliable person, with condition to pay all costs and damages which may be awarded against him or sustained by any officer or other person by reason of the suing out of the attachment or levying the same, and to pay, to any claimant of any property seized or sold under or by virtue of such attachment, all damages which he may sustain in consequence of such seizure or sale, such officer shall take possession of the personal property levied upon by virtue of such attachment. But the clerk shall in no case accept such bond, the penalty of which shall be less than $500.