§4-14-5.  Legislative reports.

(a) The department shall report to the commission annually on or before December 31 of each year and provide detailed reports as directed by the commission. The commission shall describe to the department, in writing, the criteria to be addressed in each report. Reports required by this subsection may be provided in a format as directed by the commission.

(b) The commission shall submit annual reports to the Legislature, as required by the provisions of section four of this article, which such reports shall describe and evaluate in a concise manner:

(1) The major activities of the Department of Transportation and its agencies for the fiscal year immediately past, including important policy decisions reached on initiatives undertaken during that year, especially as such activities, decisions and initiatives relate to infrastructure investment, long-term planning for infrastructure investment, use of federal funds and any public-private partnerships for infrastructure investment.

(2) Other information considered by the commission to be important, including recommendations for statutory, fiscal or policy reforms and reasons for such recommendations.

(c) The reports may specify in what manner any practice, policy or procedure may or should be modified to satisfy the goal of efficient and effective delivery of infrastructure investment and to improve the quality of roads, bridges and other transportation infrastructure in the state.

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