§4-7-5. Funds and expenditures of commission.

To pay the compensation and expenses incurred by its members, to build, furnish and equip the state legislative building, and to carry out the provisions of this article, the commission may expend any general or special revenues, profits, fees or charges designated and appropriated by act of the Legislature for such purposes and proceeds of revenue bonds issued under authority of the state building commission of West Virginia for such purposes. Before any such revenue bonds are issued by the state building commission of West Virginia, the Legislature, by its act, shall increase the aggregate amount of all issues of bonds outstanding at one time for all projects authorized under authority of said commission if such action is necessary to permit issuance of revenue bonds in the amount required to construct, equip and furnish the state legislative building. Before any revenue bonds or other obligations are issued or incurred by the state building commission of West Virginia for said purpose, the Legislature shall, by adoption of a concurrent resolution, approve the purpose and amount of the revenue bonds or obligations. Revenue bonds issued as herein provided shall be issued in accordance with the provisions of article six, chapter five of this code.

Bill History For §4-7-5

1972 Regular Session
Senate Bill 379