§44A-3-18. Guardian’s duty to inform certain relatives about protected person’s health and residence.

(a) The provisions of this section apply to relatives who have been granted access to a protected person under section seventeen of this article.

(b) Except as provided by subsection (d) of this section, the guardian of a protected person shall as soon as practicable inform such relatives if:

(1) The protected person dies;

(2) The protected person is admitted to a medical facility for a period of three days or more;

(3) The protected person’s residence has changed; or

(4) The protected person is staying at a location other than his or her usual place of residence for a period that exceeds two calendar weeks.

(c) In the case of the death of the protected person, the guardian shall inform the relative of any funeral arrangements and the location of the protected person’s final resting place.

(d) A relative entitled to receive information regarding a protected person under this section may waive the notice required thereof by this section by providing a written waiver to the guardian. A guardian shall file any such written waiver with the court.