§46A-1-105. Exclusions.

(a) This chapter does not apply to:

(1) Extensions of credit to government or governmental agencies or instrumentalities;

(2) The sale of insurance by an insurer, except as otherwise provided in this chapter;

(3) The obligation of a property owner, lot owner, or homeowner in a planned community containing no more than 12 units which is not subject to any development rights or a planned community that provides in its declaration that the annual average common expense liability of all units restricted to residential purposes, exclusive of optional user fees and any insurance premiums paid by the association, may not exceed $300 as adjusted pursuant to §36B-1-114 of this code, or the efforts of property owners’ associations or homeowners’ associations to collect the same to pay dues, assessments, costs, or fees of any kind to a property owners’ association or homeowners’ association;

(4) Transactions under public utility or common carrier tariffs if a subdivision or agency of this state or of the United States regulates the charges for the services involved, the charges for delayed payment, and any discount allowed for early payment; or

(5) Licensed pawnbrokers.

(b) Mortgage lender and broker licensees are excluded from the provisions of this chapter to the extent those provisions directly conflict with any section of § 31-17-1 et seq. of this code.