§47-14-4. Agents and employees; licenses required; fee to go to division.

No agent or employee of a contract seller may sell preneed funeral contracts in this state without having first obtained a license from the division. The fee for such license and the annual renewal thereof is $25. These fees shall be payable to the "Preneed Burial Contract Regulation Fund" established by section three of this article. The division shall not issue such license without requiring an applicant for the license, or if the applicant is a corporation, its individual agents, to provide proof to warrant its issuance by presenting with the application affidavits from his employer stating that, to the employer's best information, knowledge and belief, the applicant merits a license. The acts of the agent shall be considered acts of the employer. The division may require the applicant to pass a written examination to ascertain if the applicant has sufficient knowledge of the industry and the provisions of this article to properly engage in the business governed by the provisions of this article.

Bill History For §47-14-4

1987 Regular Session
Senate Bill 548
1983 Regular Session
House Bill 1269
1965 Regular Session
House Bill 841
1955 Regular Session
House Bill 419