§48-12-104. Use of national medical support notice; employer to enroll child and withhold premium.

(a) All child support orders which include a provision for health care coverage of a child shall be enforced, where appropriate, through the use of the national medical support notice, as set forth in 42 U.S.C. §666 (a)(19) and 29 U.S.C. §1169 (a)(5)(C) et seq.

(b) Unless alternative coverage is permitted in any order by a court of competent jurisdiction, in any case in which a parent is required pursuant to a child support order to provide the health care coverage and the employer of the parent is known to the IV-D agency, the IV-D agency shall use the national medical support notice to give notice of the provision for the health care coverage of the child to the employer. The employer shall enroll the child as a beneficiary in the group insurance plan and withhold any required premium from the obligated parent's income or wages, and remit any amount withheld for the premium directly to the plan.