§48-12-111. Employer's duties upon service of national medical support notice; notice from another state.

(a) Upon service of the national medical support notice requiring insurance coverage for the children, the employer, multiemployer trust or union shall enroll the child as a beneficiary in the group insurance plan and withhold any required premium from the obligated parent's income or wages, unless the child is already enrolled in this plan.

(b) If more than one plan is offered by the employer, multiemployer trust or union, the child shall be enrolled in the same plan as the obligated parent. If the obligated parent is not enrolled for insurance coverage, the employer shall promptly report the availability of plans to the IV-D agency. The IV-D agency, in consultation with parent, shall promptly select the most appropriate plan, considering both the health needs of the child and the cost to the parents, and shall notify the plan administrator and the parties of the selection.

(c) Insurance coverage for the child which is ordered pursuant to the provisions of this section shall not be terminated except as provided in section one hundred fifteen of this article.

(d) A medical support notice issued by the appropriate IV-D agency of another state may be sent directly to an employer in this state without the necessity of first filing a petition or similar pleading or registering the order with the IV-D agency of this state. The medical support notice shall have the same force and effect as if the notice had been issued by the IV-D agency of this state. Upon receipt of a medical support notice from the IV-D agency of another state, the employer shall immediately provide a copy of the notice to the obligor.