§48-14-106.Modification of support order.

(a) At any time after the entry of an order for support, the court may, upon the verified petition of an obligee or the obligor, revise or alter such order and make a new order as the altered circumstances or needs of a child, an obligee or the obligor may render necessary to meet the ends of justice.

(b) The Supreme Court of Appeals shall make available to the family courts a standard form for a petition for modification of an order for support, which form will allege that the existing order should be altered or revised because of a loss or change of employment or other substantial change affecting income or that the amount of support required to be paid is not within fifteen percent of the child support guidelines. The clerk of the circuit court and the secretary-clerk of the family court shall make such forms available to persons desiring to petition the court pro se for a modification of the support award.

(c) Upon entry of an order modifying a child support amount the court shall, no later than five days from entry of the order, provide a copy of the modified order to the Bureau for Child Support Enforcement. If an overpayment to one of the parties occurs as a result of the modified terms of the order, funds properly withheld by the Bureau for Child Support Enforcement pursuant the terms of the original order shall not be returned until such time as the Bureau for Child Support Enforcement receives repayment from the party in possession of the overpayment.