§48-14-405. Information required in notice to obligor.

When income withholding is required, the Bureau for Child Support enforcement shall send by first-class mail or electronic means to the obligor notice that withholding has commenced. The notice shall inform the obligor of the following:

(1) The amount owed;

(2) That a withholding from the obligor's income of amounts payable as support has commenced;

(3) That the amount withheld will be equal to the amount required under the terms of the current support order, plus amounts for any outstanding arrearage;

(4) The definition of "gross income" as defined in section 1-228 of this chapter;

(5) That the withholding will apply to the obligor's present source of income and to any future source of income and, therefore, no other notice of withholding will be sent to the obligor. A copy of any new or modified withholding notice will be sent to the obligor at approximately the same time the original is sent to the source of income;

(6) That any action by the obligor to purposefully minimize his or her income will result in the enforcement of support being based upon potential and not just actual earnings;

(7) That payment of the arrearage after the date of the notice is not a bar to such withholding;

(8) That the obligor may request a review of the withholding by written request to the Bureau for Child Support enforcement when the obligor has information showing an error in the current or overdue support amount or a mistake as to the identity of the obligor;

(9) That a mistake of fact exists only when there is an error in the amount of current or overdue support claimed in the notice or there is a mistake as to the identity of the obligor;

(10) That matters such as lack of visitation, inappropriateness of the support award or changed financial circumstances of the obligee or the obligor will not be considered at any hearing held pursuant to the withholding, but may be raised by the filing of a separate petition in family court;

(11) That if the obligor desires to contest the withholding, the obligor may petition the family court for a resolution; and

(12) That while the withholding is being contested through the court, the income withholding may not be stayed but may be modified.