§48-14-603. Enforcing support orders through automated administrative enforcement.

(a) The Bureau for Child Support enforcement may, by electronic or other means, transmit to, or receive from, another state a request for assistance in enforcing support orders through automated administrative enforcement. Such request shall include:

(1) Information as will enable the assisting state to compare the information about the cases to the information in the databases of the state;

(2) All supporting documentation necessary under the laws of this state to support an attachment of the asset or assets, should such assets be located; and

(3) Said transmittal shall constitute a certification by the requesting state:

(A) Of the amount of past-due support owed; and

(B) That the requesting state has complied with all procedural due process requirements applicable to each case.

(b) A requesting state may transmit to an assisting state either:

(1) A request to locate and seize assets; or

(2) A request to seize an asset already identified by the requesting state.

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