§48-15-204. Service of notice of action against a license.

The bureau shall send a notice of action against a license by regular mail and by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the person's last-known address or place of business or employment. Simultaneous certified and regular mailing of the written notice shall constitute effective service unless the United States Postal Service returns the mail to the Bureau for Child Support enforcement within the thirty-day response period marked "moved, unable to forward," "addressee not known," "no such number/street," "insufficient address," or "forwarding order expired." If the certified mail is returned for any other reason without the return of the regular mail, the regular mail service shall constitute effective service. If the mail is addressed to the person at his or her place of business or employment, with postal instructions to deliver to addressee only, service will be deemed effective only if the signature on the return receipt appears to be that of the person. Acceptance of the certified mail notice signed by the person, the person's attorney, or a competent member of the person's household above the age of sixteen shall be deemed effective service.

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