§48-15-207. Failure to act in response to notice; entry of order.

If the person fails to take one of the actions described in section 15-206 within thirty days of the date of the notice and there is proof that service on the person was effective, the Bureau for Child Support enforcement shall file a certification with the court setting forth the person's noncompliance with the support order or failure to comply with a subpoena or warrant and the person's failure to respond to the written notice of the potential action against his or her license. If the court is satisfied that service of the notice on the person was effective as set forth in this section, it shall, without need for further due process or hearing, enter an order suspending or restricting any licenses held by the person. Upon the entry of the order, the Bureau for Child Support enforcement shall forward a copy to the person and to any appropriate agencies responsible for the issuance of a license.