§48-18-204. Request for meeting with the Bureau.

(a) Either party may ask for an in-person meeting with the Bureau, prior to the preparation or presentation of any petition to seek a modification of a child support order or any proposed modification order to the family court. As a part of the initial contact and notice to the parties after its receipt of an assistance request under this article, the Bureau for Child Support Enforcement shall inform the parties of their right to meet with the Bureau for Child Support Enforcement to discuss the circumstances and any relevant factors pertaining to the parties' child support obligations. If either party asks for a meeting, the responding party shall be notified that a meeting has been requested. The parties shall not meet with the Bureau at the same time except as allowed in the discretion of the Bureau. No party may be required to meet with the Bureau.

(b) A party may modify an information statement or provide additional documents at the meeting or at any time before the Bureau sends its proposed order to the family court.

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