§48-7-402. Notice of lis pendens.

The notice shall contain the names of the parties, the nature of the complaint, the court having jurisdiction, the date the complaint was filed, and a description of the real property. Such notice shall, from the time of the recording only, be notice to any person thereafter acquiring any interest in such property of the pendency of the complaint. Each person whose conveyance or encumbrance is subsequently executed or subsequently recorded or whose interest is thereafter acquired by descent, or otherwise, shall be deemed to be a subsequent purchaser or encumbrancer, and shall be bound by all proceedings taken after the recording of the notice, to the same extent as if he were made a party to the complaint. A notice of lis pendens recorded in accordance with this section may be discharged by the court upon substitution of a bond with surety in an amount established by the court, if the court finds that the claim against the property subject to the notice of lis pendens can be satisfied by a monetary award. In cases in which the sale of property is already in process when the notice of lis pendens is filed, and upon application, proper notice and hearing, the court may substitute a lien on the net proceeds of the sale.

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