§49-3-102. Court appointed special advocate; operations.

A court appointed special advocate (CASA) shall operate as follows:

(1) Standards: CASA programs shall be members in good standing with the West Virginia Court Appointed Special Advocate Association, Inc., and the National Court Appointed Special Advocates Association and adhere to all standards set forth by these entities.

(2) Organizational capacity: A designated legal entity is responsible for program and fiscal operations has been established and implements basic sound administrative practice.

(3) Cultural competency and diversity: CASA programs shall promote policies, practices and procedures that are culturally competent. "Cultural competency" is defined as the capacity to function in more than one culture, requiring the ability to appreciate, understand and interact with members of diverse populations within the local community.

(4) Case management: CASA programs must utilize a uniform case management system to monitor case progress and track outcomes.

(5) Case review: CASA volunteers shall meet with CASA staff on a routine basis to discuss case status and outcomes.

(6) Training: Court appointed special advocates shall serve as volunteers without compensation and shall receive training consistent with state and nationally developed standards.

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