§5-10D-6. Voluntary deductions by the Consolidated Public Retirement Board from monthly benefits to retirees to pay association dues.

(a) Any recipient of monthly retirement benefits from any public retirement plan in this state may authorize that a deduction from his or her monthly benefits be made for the payment of membership dues or fees to a retiree association. The deductions shall be authorized on a form provided by the Consolidated Public Retirement Board and shall include: (1) The identity and social security number of the retiree; (2) the amount and frequency of the deduction; (3) the identity and address of the association to which the dues or fees shall be paid; and (4) the signature of the retiree.

(b) Any retiree association authorized by recipients of monthly benefits from any public retirement plan in this state to receive dues or fees from deductions from retirants' monthly benefits may notify the board of its monthly dues on a form provided by the board: Provided, That no increase in dues or fees will be deducted from any retirant's monthly benefit until the retirant has completed an authorization form containing the information in subsection (a) and submitted this authorization to the board. The increased monthly retiree association dues or fees will be deducted commencing the month following the receipt of the authorization form to the board.

(c) Upon execution of the authorization and its receipt by the

Consolidated Public Retirement Board, the deduction shall be made in the manner specified on the form and remitted to the designated association on the tenth day of each month: Provided, That the deduction may not be made more frequently than monthly.

(d) Deduction authorizations may be revoked at any time at least thirty days prior to the date on which the deduction is regularly made and on a form to be provided by the Consolidated Public Retirement Board.

(e) Notwithstanding the provisions of section twenty-one, article eight, chapter five-a of this code to the contrary, a retiree association representing only West Virginia public retirees may request the board to mail voluntary membership applications and dues deduction cards to any eligible retirees of any West Virginia public retirement plan administered by the board: Provided, That the retiree association shall pay all costs associated with these mailings, including, but not limited to, copying, mailing, postage, record-keeping and auditing: Provided, however, That the board may contract with a third-party to provide mailing services that agrees to maintain the confidentiality of the names, addresses and other personally identifiable information of the retirants.

(f) The board is not liable to any retirant, beneficiary or other annuitant for any action undertaken pursuant to this section. Any retiree association agrees, by requesting the board to deduct dues or fees or to provide mailings for it, to be responsible for any errors or omissions by the board in conducting these activities pursuant to this section.

(g) If any retiree association fails to timely pay to the board all costs required by this section, the board is authorized to thereafter refuse to provide the services in subsection (e).

(h) The provisions of this section shall expire July 1, 2022.

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