§56-3-26. Rehearing in case of nonpersonal service.

Any unknown party or other defendant who was not served with process in this state, and did not appear in the case before the date of such judgment, decree or order or the representative of such, may, within two years from that date, if he be not served with a copy of such judgment, decree or order more than eight months before the end of such two years, and if he was so served, then within eight months from the time of such service, file his petition to have the proceedings reheard in the manner and form provided by section forty-three, article seven, chapter thirty- eight of this code, and not otherwise; and all the provisions of that section are hereby made applicable to proceedings under this section: Provided, however, That nothing contained in that section or in this section shall be so construed as to authorize any court or judge to include, in the decree granted in a divorce suit, any prohibition against the remarriage of either party thereto, except such prohibition as may be authorized by the provisions of section twenty-two, article two, chapter forty-eight of this code.

Bill History For §56-3-26

1949 Regular Session
House Bill 386