§56-6-38. Hearing of chancery causes in open court; oral testimony; rules of evidence; transcript for appeal.

Chancery causes may, by leave of the court, and by agreement of counsel for the parties, be heard and determined in open court; but in cases so heard the witnesses shall personally appear before the judge to testify orally, unless their depositions shall be taken out of court, under rules obtaining, by agreement of counsel, or by order of the judge made for good cause. And the rules of evidence, procedure and practice now in force, and as hereafter changed, shall apply in taking such evidence, except that bills of exception shall not be necessary in any cases wherein the same are not now required. The evidence so taken in such chancery causes shall be taken down in shorthand by the official reporter or other reporter agreed to by the parties in interest as part of his duties, and transcribed by him as provided for in respect to other matters; and like reporting charges for chancery causes and law causes shall be made, collected and accounted for. In case either party desire to appeal such chancery cause he shall, within ninety days after final or appealable decree, file the transcript of evidence which shall have the force and effect now accorded to depositions in chancery causes.