§56-7-8. Contents of commissioner's report.

The commissioner, or any other person executing an order of reference, in all cases, shall return with his report all the evidence taken upon the execution of the reference, and the exceptions, if any, taken to his report, and shall submit such remarks upon exceptions as he may deem pertinent; and he shall also return with his report the decrees, orders and notices under which he acted. He shall not copy in his account or report any papers; and, if there has been a previous account or report, he shall not copy it into his report except so far as may be necessary to make such report a complete account and report in accordance with the decree of reference entered in the cause. Everything improperly copied into a commissioner's account shall be expunged at his cost on the application of either party; and if on account of his negligence or misconduct a report be recommitted, he shall bear the cost occasioned thereby.