§59-1-15. Payments to sheriffs and clerks out of state or county treasury.

There shall be paid out of the State Treasury to clerks and sheriffs for services rendered the state in a civil case such fees as would be chargeable for the like service of an individual, after such fees are duly certified to the Auditor. There shall be paid by the county court according to the provisions of article five, chapter sixty-two of this code, the following fees, after the same are duly certified to such court: To the sheriff or other officer, for an arrest for felony, $1, and for conveying any person charged with or convicted of felony, to jail, or from one jail to another, for each mile in going and returning, 5¢. The officer shall also be allowed for the support of the prisoner during the removal, and for assistance to make the arrest or effect the removal, such charge as may have been necessarily incurred by him to be shown by his own affidavit, if living, or, if he be dead, by the affidavit, of some credible person; and where he has assistance, by the affidavit also of each person employed by him or by such of them as may be alive and within the jurisdiction of the court, and if none of them be alive or within the jurisdiction of the court, the court may allow such claim upon his own affidavit. Such charge for assistance shall not exceed, in making an arrest, $1 per day for each person employed to assist him and in conveying a prisoner, not to exceed 5¢ per mile going and returning for each guard. The officer shall also be allowed for impaneling a jury in case of a felony, $1.