§59-1-6. Fees to be charged by surveyors.

Surveyors may charge the following fees:

For all surveying actually done (unless by specia lcontract), for the first one hundred poles, or any less distance, long measure, per pole $.01

After the first one hundred poles, long measure, per pole .005

For tracing and examining old surveys to ascertain the true lines, their distance and courses, or for doing surveying in and about any mines, cities, towns or villages, the surveyor may charge $5.00 for every day necessarily so employed, in lieu of charging by the pole: Provided, That nothing in this section shall prevent any party having surveying done from making a contract for a different compensation. For calculating the quantity for less than six courses or lines .50

When land is divided, for calculating each division, if less than six courses .50

For every course or line of more than six courses .03

For making a plat of six courses, or less .50

For every course more than six .03

For recording a plat and certificate, if not more than

six courses .50

For every course above six .03

For a copy of a plat and certificate, where there are not more than six courses .50

For every course above six .03

For a copy of an entry .50

For every search where no copy is required .25

For giving receipt for any paper .15

For traveling to the place of surveying and returning, per mile .05

If surveying be done at different places, on the same tour, the mileage shall be apportioned among the different surveys according to their distance from the residence of the surveyor or deputy and each other, so that the surveyor shall not receive more than 5¢ a mile for going and returning for any one trip.