§5A-10-3. Powers and duties of Real Estate Division.

The Real Estate Division has the following powers and duties:

(1) To provide leasing, appraisal and other real estate services to state spending units;

(2) To ensure that the purchase of real estate and all contracts for lease are based on established real estate standards and fair market price;

(3) To develop and implement minimum lease space standards for the lease of any grounds, buildings, office or other space required by any spending unit of state government;

(4) To develop and implement minimum standards for the selection and acquisition, by contract or lease, of all grounds, buildings, office space or other space by a spending unit of state government except as otherwise provided in this article;

(5) To establish and maintain a comprehensive database of all state real estate contracts and leases;

(6) To develop policies and procedures for statewide real property management;

(7) To maintain a statewide real property management system that has consolidated real property, building and lease information for all departments, agencies and institutions of state government;

(8) To develop and maintain a centralized repository of comprehensive space needs for all state departments, agencies and institutions of state government, including up-to-date space and resource utilization, anticipated needs and recommended options;

(9) To provide statewide policy leadership and coordinate master planning to guide and organize capital asset management; and

(10) To provide assistance to all state departments, agencies or institutions in acquiring, leasing and disposing of real property.

Bills Affecting §5A-10-3

2007 Regular Session: SB582
2005 Third Special Session: SB3009
2004 Regular Session: HB4008