§5A-10-5. Selection of grounds, etc.; acquisition by contract or lease; long-term leases.

(a) The executive director has sole authority to select and to acquire by contract or lease, in the name of the state, all grounds, buildings, office space or other space, the rental of which is necessarily required by any spending unit, upon a certificate from the chief executive officer or his or her designee of said spending unit that the grounds, buildings, office space or other space requested is necessarily required for the proper function of said spending unit, that the spending unit will be responsible for all rent and other necessary payments in connection with the contract or lease and that satisfactory grounds, buildings, office space or other space is not available on grounds and in buildings now owned or leased by the state: Provided, That any such contract or lease of office space which provides that the landlord or owner of the office space be responsible for providing for, or the contracting for, cleaning or janitorial services shall not also require the owner or landlord of the premises to use any particular person, firm or company to provide the cleaning or janitorial services.

(b) The executive director shall, before executing any rental contract or lease, determine the fair rental value for the rental of the requested grounds, buildings, office space or other space, in the condition in which they exist and shall contract for or lease said premises at a price not to exceed the fair rental value thereof.

(c) The executive director may enter into long-term agreements for buildings, land and space for periods longer than one fiscal year: Provided, That such long-term lease agreements are not for periods in excess of forty years, except that the secretary may, in the case of the Adjutant General’s department, enter into lease agreements for a term of fifty years or a specific term of more than fifty years so as to comply with federal regulatory requirements and shall contain, in substance, all the following provisions:

(1) That the Department of Administration, as lessee, has the right to cancel the lease without further obligation on the part of the lessee upon giving thirty days’ written notice to the lessor, such notice being given at least thirty days prior to the last day of the succeeding month;

(2) That the lease shall be considered canceled without further obligation on the part of the lessee if the State Legislature or the federal government should fail to appropriate sufficient funds therefor or should otherwise act to impair the lease or cause it to be canceled; and

(3) That the lease shall be considered renewed for each ensuing fiscal year during the term of the lease unless it is canceled by the Department of Administration before the end of the then current fiscal year.