§5A-10-9. Real property accounting and records.

(a) All real property owned or leased by the state shall be accounted for by the state spending unit that owns, leases or is in the possession of the real property.

(b) Each state spending unit shall establish and maintain a record of each item of real property it owns and/or leases and annually furnish its records to the Real Estate Division.

 (c) Beginning July 1, 2019, and every year thereafter, the Real Estate Division shall report to the Governor and Joint Committee on Government and Finance those agencies that have not provided a complete annual record pursuant to subsection (b).  

(d) With regard to public lands, rivers or streams, that may be by law specifically allocated to and used by any state agency, institution, division or department, such agency, institution, division or department shall provide an inventory of such public land(s), rivers or streams, to the Public Land Corporation in accordance with the provisions of §5A-11-1, et seq. of this code.

(e) The records furnished to the Real Estate Division shall include a description of each item of real property including address, lot number, and if available, the following identifying information:

(1) The date of purchase and the purchase price of the real property;

(2) If the state is leasing real property, the date of lease and the rental costs of the real property;

 (3) The name of the state spending unit holding title to the real property for the state;

 (4) A description of the current uses of the real property and the projected future use of the real property; and

(5) A description of each building or other improvement located on the real property.

(f) The records furnished to the Real Estate Division regarding rivers and streams shall include a description of each river or stream, including the applicable county, tax district, and if the interest or property is under the Ohio River, the applicable mile post.