§5A-12-3. Fleet Management Division created; director; duties and responsibilities.

(a) The Fleet Management Office, as previously authorized pursuant to §5A-1-2 and §5A-3-52 of this code, is hereby continued in the Department of Administration as the Fleet Management Division for the purpose of maintaining a state vehicle fleet.

(b) The Division shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

(1) To provide or contract for management services, including fueling and vehicle maintenance, and any other services necessary to properly manage the operation and use of state vehicles;

(2) To preapprove and assist with purchase of new or replacement vehicles for agencies including facilitating financing arrangements;

(3) To maintain a state vehicle fleet for all state vehicles owned or leased by the State of West Virginia or any of its spending units;

(4) To charge a fee for division services by spending units utilizing state vehicles;

(5) To provide training and notice to fleet coordinators and spending units concerning the duties and responsibilities under this article, including any requirements related to the State Vehicle Title, Registration and Relicensing Project of 2018, established pursuant to §17A-3-25 of this code;

(6) To develop safe operation and other policies governing state vehicle use;

(7) To propose rules for legislative approval in accordance with §29A-3-1 et seq. of this code;

(8) Report annually to the Governor and to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance, regarding the operations of the state fleet and the utilization of state vehicles;

(9) To develop and maintain, in cooperation with the Travel Management Office, state policies for the utilization of state vehicles, including establishing best practices for state vehicle use; and

(10) To provide assistance upon request to any spending unit related to financing, purchasing, leasing, operating, maintaining, transferring, and decommissioning state vehicles.

(c) The secretary shall appoint a director of the division, who shall:

(1) Employ such staff as needed to effectuate the provisions of this article;

(2) Maintain adequate office space for staff and equipment as needed to effectuate the provisions of this article; and

(3) Under the direction of the secretary, establish a central motor pool, which shall be maintained and administered by the division, subject to such rules as the director may promulgate: Provided, That the division is responsible for the storage, maintenance, and repairs of all vehicles assigned to the central motor pool.

§5A-12-3. Fleet Management Division created; director; duties and responsibilities.