§5A-3-10b. Best value procurement.

(a) The director may utilize best value procurement to enter into a contract when he or she determines in writing that it is advantageous to the state.

(b) A solicitation for bids under best value procurement shall be made in the same manner as provided in §5A-3-10 of this code.

(c) Best value procurement awards shall be based on criteria set forth in the solicitation and information contained in the proposals submitted in response to the solicitation. Those criteria include, but are not limited to, price and the total cost of acquiring, operating, maintaining, and supporting a commodity or service over its projected lifetime, as well as technical criteria. The technical criteria may include, but are not limited to, the evaluated technical merit of the bidder’s bid or proposal, the bidder’s past performance, the degree to which a proposal exceeds other proposals in technical merit, the utility of any novel or unrequested items in the proposal, and the evaluated probability of performing the requirements stated in the solicitation on time, with high quality, and in a manner that accomplishes the business objectives set forth in the solicitation.

(d) The award must be made to the highest scoring responsive and responsible bidder whose bid is determined, in writing, to be most advantageous to the state, taking into consideration all evaluation factors set forth in the best value solicitation.

(e) The director may not use best value procurement to enter into government construction contracts, including, but not limited to, those set forth in §5-22-1 et seq. of this code.