§5A-3-15. Emergency purchases in open market.

The director may authorize, in writing, a state spending unit to purchase in the open market, without filing requisition or estimate, specific commodities for immediate delivery to meet bona fide emergencies arising from unforeseen causes, including delays by contractors, delays in transportation and unanticipated volume of work. A report of any such purchase, together with a record of the competitive bids upon which it was based, shall be submitted at once to the director by the head of the state spending unit concerned, together with a full account of the circumstances of the emergency: Provided, That the director may waive the need for the record of competitive bids. Such report shall be entered on a record and shall be open to public inspection.

Bill History For §5A-3-15

1990 Regular Session
Senate Bill 320
1967 Regular Session
Senate Bill 270