§5A-3-48. Travel rules; exceptions.

(a) The Secretary of Administration shall promulgate rules, including emergency rules, relating to the ownership, purchase, use, storage, maintenance and repair of all motor vehicles and aircraft owned or possessed by the State of West Virginia or any of its departments, divisions, agencies, bureaus, boards, commissions, offices or authorities.

(b) If, in the judgment of the Secretary of Administration, economy or convenience indicate the expediency thereof, the secretary may require all vehicles and the aircraft subject to regulation by this article, or those he or she may designate, to be kept in garages and other places of storage and to be made available in a manner and under the terms necessary for the official use of any departments, institutions, agencies, officers, agents and employees of the state as designated by the secretary in rules promulgated pursuant to this section.

(c) The secretary may administer the travel regulations promulgated by the Governor in accordance with section eleven, article three, chapter twelve of this code, unless otherwise determined by the Governor.