§5A-3A-2. Central nonprofit agency.

A central nonprofit agency approved by the director of the Division of Rehabilitation Services is established for the purpose of coordinating purchases under the provisions of section ten, article three of this chapter, between various “spending units” of the state and “nonprofit workshops.” This agency shall have the following responsibilities:

(a) Represent qualified nonprofit workshops in dealing with state purchasing agents and the other bodies charged with purchasing responsibilities;

(b) Evaluating the qualifications and capabilities of workshops and entering, as necessary, into contracts with government procuring entities for the furnishing of the commodities or services provided by the workshops;

(c) Overseeing workshops to ensure compliance with contract performance and quality standards; list the commodities and services of participating workshops, research and assist the workshops in developing new products and upgrading existing ones, and shall survey applicable private industry to provide input on fair market prices; and

(d) Present an annual report for each fiscal year concerning the operations of its nonprofit workshops to the director of the Division of Rehabilitation Services.

Bill History For §5A-3A-2

1990 Regular Session
Senate Bill 320
1989 Regular Session
Senate Bill 273