§5A-3A-4. Responsibilities of the committee for the purchase of commodities and services from the handicapped.

The committee shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

(a) Determining the fair market price of all commodities, printing and services produced by nonprofit workshops and offered for sale by the central nonprofit agency to the various departments and political subdivisions of the state. Prices shall be revised periodically to reflect changing market conditions.

(b) Monitoring the activities of the central nonprofit agency to assure that the interests of the state's handicapped citizens are advanced by the agency. The committee shall make rules necessary to monitor the agency as well as matters related to the state's use of the products and services produced by the handicapped. Except as stated in section ten, article three of this chapter, rules shall reflect agreement with the policies and procedures established by the state's purchasing units.

(c) Monitoring the performance of the central nonprofit agency to see that the commodities and services produced meet state specifications (or in the absence of specifications meet standards in use by the federal government or industry) as to quality and delivery. The committee shall provide procedures for formal and informal resolution of provider and consumer grievances or complaints.

(d) Maintaining records pertaining to its activities under the act including records of sales, formal grievances, number of handicapped workers employed, a summary of disabilities for workers providing services, a list of workshop products and services, and the geographic distribution of provider workshops. On or before January 1, of each year the committee shall file with the Governor and the presiding officer of each house of the Legislature a written report summarizing the above records and giving a detailed accounting for all funds received and disbursed by the committee during the preceding year.

§5A-3A-4. Responsibilities of the committee for the purchase of commodities and services from the handicapped.

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Senate Bill 320
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