§5A-7-1. Definitions.

Unless the context in which used clearly requires a different meaning, as used in this article:

(a) “Data-processing equipment” means: (1) Any equipment having stored program capabilities; (2) any equipment designed to handle electronic input-output devices; or (3) any other similar equipment specified by the director;

(b) “Director” means the director of the information services and communications division;

(c) “Division” means the Information Services and Communications Division established in section two hereof;

(d) “Secretary” means the secretary of the Department of Administration;

(e) “Telecommunications equipment” means: (1) Any equipment used in the transmission, emission or reception of signals, writings, images, sounds or other forms of communication by electromagnetic or visual means; or (2) any other similar equipment specified by the director.

Bill History For §5A-7-1

1990 Regular Session
Senate Bill 320
1968 Regular Session
Senate Bill 46