§5A-7-4. Powers and duties of division generally; professional staff; telephone service.

(a) The division is responsible for providing technical services and assistance to the various state spending units with respect to developing and improving data processing and telecommunications functions.  The division may provide training and direct data processing services to the various state agencies.  The division shall, upon request of the Chief Technology Officer, provide technical assistance in evaluating the economic justification, system design and suitability of equipment and systems used in state government.  The director shall report to the Chief Technology Officer.

(b) The director is responsible for the development of personnel to carry out the technical work of the division and may approve reimbursement of costs incurred by employees to obtain education and training.

(c) The director may assess each state spending unit for the cost of any evaluation of the economic justification, system design and suitability of equipment and systems used by the state spending unit or any other technical assistance that is provided or performed by the Chief Technology Officer and the division under the provisions of section four, article six of this chapter.

(d) The director shall transfer any moneys received as a result of the assessments that he or she makes under subsection (c) of this section to the Office of Technology.  The director shall report quarterly to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance on all assessments made pursuant to subsection (c) of this section.

(e) The director shall maintain an accounting system for all telephone service to the state.

(f) The provisions of this article do not apply to the Legislature or the judiciary.

Bills Affecting §5A-7-4

2006 Regular Session: SB653
2005 Regular Session: HB2891
2005 Regular Session: HB3360